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Oct. 5, 2020


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Episode 156: In this episode, Sludge Underground seeks to understand and celebrate the nuances of Womanity with the help of seven, lovingly selected, panel members from across the hemispheres. How do multi-creatives function in an ever-changing industry? What impact has the pandemic had on creativity? How can professional environments become a safer space for all genders? How can women support each other more effectively? How does the culture react to diverse forms of gender expression? How can we dismantle the industry gatekeepers? Together, we move the needle forward.

Bad Milk
www.instagram.com/imbadmilk.drinkit www.twitter.com/NtombiM99 

Ella Audrey Rae

Jazmine Dèson
www.instagram.com/jazmine.deson www.twitter.com/jazdeson 

Meagan King
https://linktr.ee/LemonDove https://www.instagram.com/meagreking

Robyn Ferguson
www.instagram.com/robyn_aia www.facebook.com/officialrobynferguson www.twitter.com/robyn_aia

Zama Khumalo www.instagram.com/ithekuconnect www.facebook.com/ithekuconnect www.twitter.com/ithekuconnect1

Sludge Underground

Edit/Mix/Master: Lemon Dove

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Jazmine DèsonProfile Photo

Jazmine Dèson


Model & Singer-Songwriter

Ella Audrey RaeProfile Photo

Ella Audrey Rae


Designer & Journalist

Bad MilkProfile Photo

Bad Milk


Performing & recording artist, Creative Director, Event Host & Image Consultant