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100% authentic.. great content!👌🏾 Keep up the amazing work guys!

Review of my podcast with Sludge Underground

It was an honour to do my first ever podcast with the special Sludge Underground team . I was interviewed by Nasiphi in his car and it was an amazing moment for me , just talking about everything from the industry to myself . I will be back eventually.

Werner Bekker

I love it. The whole concept is great. I loved that I could speak my mind and felt really comfortable to say anything I felt like. The hosts also did a stellar job with their research and asked questions I never expected such a unique interview experience. Thank you!

Top tier

It's great! In-depth discussions with artists while keeping things chill and friendly. Kinda like being a fly on the wall when a couple of mates get together to discuss music. I never used to engage in this sort of thing, just listened to music and my interest ended there. Sludge Underground changed that.

Rad rad rad.

I dove deep into this podcast the last few weeks. I learn something new each time and I’m so delighted to hear the passion for the local music scene in each episode. You guys have a seamless blend of great banter and punctual and insightful questions. Keep cookin! 👌


Best podcast in Durban. They’ve been consistent!!

Awesome pod about creatives!

Really fun and joyous listen!

Love it

I love finding and discovering new talent and I’m so glad I found this show. 10/10 would recommend for finding new artists out of the norm.


Great content. The best in Durban without a doubt!


Thoroughly enjoy tuning in & learning all about the artists & creatives that make up the global music scene. Stoked they also get some of South Africa’s best to tell their stories as well, especially the Durban cats, not enough people doing what Sludge is doing, crazy its been going since 2016, keep it up!

Nice one!!

The best podcast in Durban🔥

Thank you

Thank you Sir for Holding South Africa down, it might not show, but the streets are listening