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The South African podcast that gets bands, artists & creatives sharing their stories through unscripted & uncut interviews. Alternative & First Of Its Kind!

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Instrumental Post-Rock

Yndian Mynah

Dec. 7, 2022

Episode 272: Marcel has a chat with the four piece instrumental post rock Lads of Yndian Mynah Yndian Mynah https://linktr.ee/yndianmynah Sludge Underground https://www.sludgeunderground.com Support the show

Guest: Yndian Mynah


Nov. 30, 2022

Episode 271: Nasiphi and Meagan get to know the depths of your moodiest fantasy - BLVD HVNNY . The iconic frontman talks about serving the demand for discomfort, co-writing on Skype across the hemispheres, and what it took t…


Just Mia

Nov. 23, 2022

Episode 270: Nasiphi and Meagan get down-to-earth with the awesome Afrikaans songstress - Just Mia . The future Country star tells us about her progress with producers, talent competitions as a training ground, and choosing …

Guest: Just Mia

David Oosthuizen [Devographic]

Nov. 15, 2022

Episode 269: Marcel has a chat with legendary publicist, journalist & Canon Ambassador, Devogrpahic himself. From his beginnings in the SA Music scene to managing a vast amount of SA Artists and bands under his successful ‘D…



Nov. 8, 2022

Episode 268: Kat chats to Andile & Nasiphi about her latest single 'Halloween', time spent in Hong Kong, reasons behind her initial move abroad, moving back to Cape Town, how she linked up with Devo Oosthuizen and Mark Haze,…

Guest: Kat

Simon Dale

Nov. 2, 2022

Episode 267: Nasiphi and Meagan get a change in scenery with your ultimate indie crush - Simon Dale . The fret-prince speaks on making the music you love, being bandmates with the best, and feeling good to sound good. Moving…

Guest: Simon Dale

About the Hosts

Nasiphi Zwane Profile Photo

Nasiphi Zwane


Nasiphi founded Sludge Underground back in 2016. He hosts, edits & mixes the majority of the episodes, shoots & edits any visual content, designs & runs the social media content across Instagram/all social media pages & more

Meagan King Profile Photo

Meagan King


Meagan is one half of reclusive duo from Johannesburg, Lemon Dove & she jumped on the show during lockdown 2020. In addition to hosting & curating episodes like WOMANITY, 5 Years of Sludge, Goodbye 2021/Hello 2022 & more, she also edits episodes, co-produces some of the music you hear within our content, structures the annual schedule & more. She also made these beautiful illustrations of us

Marcel Smuts Profile Photo

Marcel Smuts


Marcel has been involved from the very first episode back in 2016. He is the guitarist of Thorns Of Ivory and has a booming YouTube channel. He generally hosts and edits some of the band/alt episodes

Andile Lunathi Phila Mathonsi Profile Photo

Andile Lunathi Phila Mathonsi


Lunathi got involved in 2018 and he is a rap artist under The Remedy. He’s also a language practitioner by profession & hosts some of the Hip-Hop episodes