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July 13, 2022

Cherry Pill

Cherry Pill
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Episode 251: Nasiphi and Meagan speak to South Africa's bittersweet sensation - Cherry Pill.
The duo provides a perfect dose of antidotal anecdotes and hard-to-swallow stories about their experiences in the performance realm of local music.
Digging into their material, we learn that even though things fall apart, the wheel keeps turning.
Heed the call and grab a cup of coffee -  this could be your turning point.

Cherry Pill



Nasiphi Zwane 



Meagan King


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Featured Track: Cherry Pill - “Things On My Mind”

Edit/Mix/Master: Lemon Dove

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Cherry PillProfile Photo

Cherry Pill


Husband & Wife Gypsy Jazz duo from South Africa that writes original songs about the bittersweet ups and downs of life