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July 19, 2022

Ava like Lava

Ava like Lava

Episode 252: Nasiphi and Meagan spend 60 minutes in space with your number one global citizen - Ava like Lava.
The sludge empress serves pearl after pearl about growing up as a third culture kid and embracing all versions of the self through every era.
If that’s not enough, we get precious details on Ava’s future musical offerings and a slice of what it’s like when we’re receptive to chance encounters.
Sip on some lemonade and join us for a joyride. It’s Leo season, feel me?

Ava like Lava


Nasiphi Zwane

Meagan King

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Featured Track: Ava like Lava - “$ummatime”
Edit/Mix/Master: Lemon Dove 

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Ava Like Lava Profile Photo

Ava Like Lava


Iranian singer-songwriter based in Johannesburg, South Africa