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March 22, 2023

Acquiring Clean Production Skills with AMSETH

Acquiring Clean Production Skills with AMSETH
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Episode 286: Nasiphi and Meagan go full tilt with your resident hell-raiser - Amseth.
The Capetonian beatsmith shares tips on approaching the set as an energetic journey, designing a vibe for the people, and how good timing can be everything.
Switching things up, Darth Müs the Millennial Sith explains the importance of honing taste as much as technical skill, how clean can become clinical, and the roots beneath his blended approach to DnB.

It’s happy hour at club hades; here’s something more to fill the void.
Also, if you have a better way to collab in Ableton, please let the community know.


Nasiphi Zwane

Meagan King

Featured Track: Imanu - "Bloom - Amseth Revision"
Edit/Mix/Master: Lemon Dove 

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