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Oct. 20, 2021

Loveboy and his Imaginary Friends II

Loveboy and his Imaginary Friends II
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Episode 215: Nasiphi & Meagan spend a quality round two with your favourite half-digital, half-analog band - Loveboy and his Imaginary Friends. Loveboy shares his stresses & strides in playing numerous professional roles as an independent multi-media artist. Together, we learn the importance of caring for your Smile Baby, the power of idiosyncratic dance & how to take less control of your creativity. Assume your most meditative position, absorb the goodness that is LAHIF & let’s reshape love.

Loveboy and his Imaginary Friends

Featured Track: Loveboy And His Imaginary Friends - “El Fuji Gato”

Get That Vinyl: https://loveboyandhisimaginaryfriends.com/shop/p/goodbye-vinyl


Nasiphi Zwane https://linktr.ee/zwane031 

Meagan Kinghttps://linktr.ee/MeagreKing

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Edit/Mix/Master: Lemon Dove

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