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July 27, 2022

Sincerely Anne

Sincerely Anne
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Episode 253: Nasiphi and Meagan transcend to new heights with your preferred alt-pop protagonist - Sincerely Anne.
The multi-instrumentalist speaks about developing a healthy relationship with her creative team, standing her ground when it comes to artistic vision and not allowing external validation to control her motivations.
Leaning in, we focus on what it means to be your own pioneer and the idea that, in the forest of creativity, the path unfolds as you walk it.
Grab a snack and join us for a lesson in the school of life, class is now in session.

Sincerely Anne

Nasiphi Zwane

Meagan King

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Featured Track: Sincerely Anne - “Dying to Love You”
Edit/Mix/Master: Lemon Dove 

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Sincerely Anne


Indie & Alt Pop Songwriter