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April 26, 2022

Money Badoo

Money Badoo
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Episode 241: PI$TOL POP hitmaker & Johannesburg artist Money Badoo takes us on her journey from recording over YouTube beats in her friend’s room, to being one of the biggest South African female artists right now. She also drops some exclusive info on her upcoming debut project PORN$TAR

Money Badoo

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Nasiphi Zwane  0:10  
Nasiphi Zwane, back with another episode of Sludge Underground. And today I've got one of the biggest artists in the country and I'm super excited. It's Money Badoo aka Jade Alves now Alves is a Portuguese surname, obviously. Now I want to know if you have any ties to Portugal.

Money Badoo  0:26  
Yeah, I guess you know, my dlozi's are from all over the place to be honest.

Nasiphi Zwane  0:31  
How far back does it go, though? I mean, obviously, you were raised in Johannesburg. How much of your family history do you actually know

Money Badoo  0:37  
To be honest I don't know a lot. I wish I knew more. But yeah, I'm from Jozi. I'm a coloured girl. And all my ancestors are mixed race. You know what I mean? So the surname is on my dad's side, of course. And yeah, I know, one of his grandfather's a great grandaddies they probably took a boat. So

Unknown Speaker  0:59  
it's really interesting that you mentioned your father, actually, you know, um considering that you're an artist. Is he supportive? Of that?

Unknown Speaker  1:06  
yeah definitely. I think everyone in my family is and I'm really lucky that both my parents are super supportive. And I guess they just seem the process, you know what I mean? So I've managed to convince them with everything I've done so far. I guess the one thing that they were, like, scared about was that they miss they really didn't understand the industry that I was getting into, into. So a trauma that was on the outside was like, I'm not sure if it's something that makes money, especially in the country that we live in, and how safe it is, especially for a female but guns do something that I really love them that I was going after my passion more than anything more than the money or even caring if it was safe or not, which I know which is really wack to say, but you know, when you're passionate about anything in your life, nothing can stand in your way. So you don't really care about anything. Like now I'm gonna go after this, no matter what

Unknown Speaker  1:59  
beautiful tell me about Ennerdale. Johannesburg, I mean, I'm not really a well traveled person. I mean, considering that I stay in Durban I've only ever been to Johannesburg. So how was it growing up? You know, in Ennerdale?

Unknown Speaker  2:10  
Um, so I grew up in Ennerdale outside predominantly, I would say colored, but I guess definitely a color community, and POC, so there was probably like, one white person. community. And so I guess that's what I was super used to, you know what I mean? I didn't really know what is the difference? Until I got into like, Joburg Joburg scene . It's like. Oh, okay. So there's like, colored people, and then mixed race. And like, I thought that everything was just one thing, you know what I mean? So I guess, like, I kind of grew up, not sheltered, per se. But thinking that everything was the way it was when I was. Yeah, a big culture shock. Um, but I will say that, it was a good thing that I got to get out of that mindset, because I realized how much more there is to life, and how important it is to see every aspect of of what's out there. But I did grow up really safe. And I think that is also because of my family. And not necessarily where I grew up. I think I grew up like extremely sheltered from the world. So

Unknown Speaker  3:25  
yeah, and how supportive you know, as a community back in Ennerdale, you know, since the blow up,

Unknown Speaker  3:30  
I don't think I've blown up. I'm not really presenting what blow up maybe, like in another parallel universe, but I don't think I've no, not yet. Ultimate blow up theory. So it's a bit contained to me because, like, Is it like the success? What made is it like followers that what, what, but I think that I haven't reached that point yet. Because I feel like I still have so I still have such so far to go. I still have so many things that I want to accomplish that I haven't good. So it's like, I'm not even touching base yet. I got like, my one foot in the water. I'm like dabbling my feet. And I'm trying to be like a scuba diver inside. So I think that, um, to answer your question, I think because I grew up in a lot of my close friends and people that knew me from like, school, and stuff, support me. But there will come a time where I'll be able to really say and really show and really do more for the community that I came from. I don't just expect them to like that me or anybody to just back me because I'm doing what I love to do you know what I mean? I think that I can't actually wait to be in the position to do more for the community, even the country that I'm in the city that I'm from, I can't wait to do more I commit to give back and so to anyone that's been supporting me thus far. I'm like so appreciative no matter where you're from, even if you know me from Ennerdale, or if you don't know me at all, and just like, wow, this is so great, but it's so cool. And I love this. Like, I'm just so appreciative of like, anyone being a part of this journey with me, and I can't wait to get to a place where I can show that love back in more ways than just saying thank you.

Unknown Speaker  5:04  
Yeah, and obviously blowing up is it must be a subjective thing, obviously, because it means, you know, success means different things to different people. So, obviously, besides giving back, you know, with more than just saying thank you, what else would you say you know, defines success or the blow up, you know, according to Money Badoo

Money Badoo  5:24  
and I can travel the world told the world even not to travel but be able to tow and like in different cities, even in s. A, and Kia crowds, people singing My Music Factory. I think that's definitely the ultimate, like version of success to me or blowing up, you know what I mean? And I feel like it's baby steps. If you see yourself doing this, like forever, you see yourself building a legacy, it looks overnight, but it definitely isn't just an overnight thing, it definitely looks like that from the outside, because of the internet. And, and because of like how literally social media has like, its role in making overnight successes, you know what I mean? But I think to a lot of people that have been doing this for a long time, know that it's taken years of building. And so the blog is bigger than just people knowing you, it's more like, your experience and defining your life and, and really changing your life, you know, being in a place where like, I never ever thought that these things could happen to me, or for me, because of what I'm doing. So I think those things are really important and stick out to me, you know, when I can buy my mama house while touring the world? I can be like,

Nasiphi Zwane  6:37  
Oh yeah, it's a very interesting point that you bring up the about social media, making things look, you know, very much glitz and glam and such, we always see the final products. And if someone had to look at your Instagram, for example, you know, it's very clean, you know, very presentable. I would say, I wouldn't say I've seen any sort of, you know, Rags to Riches, you know, type dynamics, you know, within your pages. Now, is there any reason behind you not maybe maybe sharing, you know, those aspects that come before You know, the finished product? Is it maybe someone else running the page? Is it maybe pressure from you know, other forces that maybe don't allow you to, to show that side? You know, what is it exactly,

Money Badoo  7:24  
I don't think that I'm not showing that though, I think that I am clean. And anytime that I'm gonna put my foot forward, and anything that I do, I make sure it's of quality. And so it's not that I'm not showing the process, that's ultimately the the process is everything that I'm sharing, you know, one day will be bigger one day, it will be on a cover of Vogue or, you know, another world, like, the content will be crazy not to decide now. Now, it's just like me doing my best to be and using the resources that I have to be as creative as I can. And good quality forward, you know, so I think people get confused with, oh, you tell him to show us a different view. And then the story, but your Instagram is so clean, it's like, I make sure that's part of my brand is part of even what, how I make money as a musician. You know what I mean? Of course, it's gonna be clean, I make sure that I go through Alan bath to make sure that the minute you look up anything that I'm doing, are you looking for content? Are you are you catching up with the type of content and I'm trying to bring to your eyes that it's the best and that's part of my process, you know what I mean? I can't be like showing you mean pajamas. In my room telling, like, I don't think that's really my aesthetic at all. And that's not money by dues world, you know, our money. So yeah, I run my page everything I'm the creative director and the stylist and everything that you're seeing so that's why it looks the way it looks it's because I'm involved in every single aspect of that and I'm not just run by some big as labeled and put me in a box to make me seem like I'm somebody else now that everything I've always been right to the bottom if you don't look at the process, go to the bottom of my page and then go up from there and see how much I've grown

Nasiphi Zwane  9:15  
Yeah, no, I totally get that I completely understand that especially with the way that you've explained it. But I guess what I'm trying to get at you is like are you telling me that your very first track you know was just as good as say for example pistol pop you know have you always kept it or has have things always been at that sort of top level for you you know from the jump

Money Badoo  9:36  
No, definitely not I don't think anybody does something and it's always been this great like look back and like those are cat you know what I mean? Like we love no first music and we love the aesthetic, but it hasn't been of the quality as that it is right now. In terms of like engineering on the Master? No, because you get because you start off with you start off so small agriculture my first song in my friends room The YouTube beat, there's no way you can I can say that, you know what I mean? But that's that's the process. That's how I got that's part of the pros, you know, and even as a business, you don't just start up as becoming McDonald's franchise. It's like it started off as a little small company, you know. And once that becomes successful, you can be like, they can be two stores, and then three, and then four, maybe and, you know, it's everything's a process. And so, no, I definitely don't think that the first songs that I made were of quality at the same way they are right now. But the ideas were definitely quality. And the intention was definitely there. I knew what I wanted to be. I knew what I am. And I knew what I knew that I'm doing what I literally love to do, and I don't see myself doing and I've done a lot of things for money, you know, in terms of the hustle as anybody I think growing up in Joburg has done, you know, it's not just about I'm gonna make music and stay broke. It's like not to do things and have whack jobs for me to realize, like, Okay, this is something that I want to do for the rest of my life. Because the only time that I'm actually happy, you know, and that's what matters. So, yeah, and I'm proud to say that I've built up like a repertoire in the career that I mean, in the industry where I get to work with people that I look up to, and that I work with the best producers, and the best people mixing and mastering my stuff that I call family. Now you know what I mean? I've worked my ass off to get to that place. And I stayed true to myself, you know, I'm just being me. And I'm learning, I'm not chasing of the cloud, or chasing after anybody like me, I really don't care. I'm just building genuine connections with people who appreciate the autonomic. And I share the same sentiments with them. And building a little baby family of people. Just as insanely talented as I am,

Nasiphi Zwane  11:54  
I'm actually grateful that you brought that up about recording at your friend's house, wherever you do beads walk me through, you know, the grassroots level in terms of you know, one of the initial tracks that were discovered that basically took you from, you know, recording at a friend's place to you know, getting, you know, deals with Puma and obviously, you know, making music with the likes of Blackie and such

Money Badoo  12:17  
my friend saucy and I before we dropped into Ultra, oh god to go to the party. And it lasted for like a year and a half maybe. And then we went our separate ways because we're like, Nah, we got a boat, like we use each other as a crutch and was great. Now we're gonna like find ourselves individually before we come together again. That's exactly how it happened. But um, before we did MK Ultra, obviously we're working on like, on our own separate things. And I had a song, I have a song called rip, and somebody deemed me like, Yo, I got this crazy beat. Sup my beat, but it's my friend's beat. And I feel like you'd be the perfect person to think. And he's gonna miss Gilan society. So she was like, supporting me a lot. So I really pay attention to people who are always in my comments. Always just show me love, like I pay attention. Pay attention. So when I saw his name pop up and say, I gotta be like, okay, cool. Let me give this a try. You know what I mean? Who am I to be like, Nah, like, I don't know, I just, I can't stand like anybody getting into the DNS with I have a beat. But like, it's a different process now. But back then it was like an analysis you do support because I do. Like, there are people that don't like Yeoman and love the song, have this piece because then I know you get the beat. You're not just gonna send me beats because you say I do music, but you actually like, taking time to listen to the music that I make. And curating like, pizza would fit. So yes, somebody Dan's me. Um, this is like, after saucy and adding to the party. We like literally going to house parties and jumping on tables and rapping over just a YouTube beat. Like we were like, literally freestyling over YouTube beat and yes, we recorded some songs, but over YouTube at my friend's room. So then he started getting to a point where I was like, recording properly at different studios until this guy DMS me. Gotta beat Sal quoting the beat. He says to be the mic, man. That's fine. I wrote to the beat at home. And then I thought, okay, let's link up and so they were studying at ACBC studios. So that way I recorded the song. And then a month later, somebody else in my DMs and he was like, Yo, I want to shoot a music video. I see. I love your aesthetic. This is in 2019 and I used to work with sumo at the time. Okay, cool. Call my manager to was like Yo, can I get three hours and someone can I shoot something like the day before I got the master of rip. This is the first song that I've ever released is the day before I shot the music video, which has always been three hours. Next week I met somebody from MTV in the club was like Yo, I got a music video that I just shot here and everything just started there. Literally. My music video started playing on NTP. Somebody actually took the audio from the music video and dropped it on SoundCloud. I've never ever dropped the song on any platform. I mean, it's up on SoundCloud somewhere. And that's literally the process for me that is the beginning for me. I think all my friends When people think it's not about like, rip, it can only the beginning for me and I wasn't prepared at all, it just happened, you know, put like an Instagram page that wasn't for my Instagram page, so many things wouldn't have happened. And that's I put so much effort into what I do on my social media, because I understand what an important tool it is, and what an important tool it has been for me,

Nasiphi Zwane  15:21  
and obviously, you know, back when you were working, you know, three jobs, you know, juggling this, and also doing the music videos, and obviously, studying the game that you wanted to, you know, be a part of you ended up meeting Ricky as well, you know, in the earlier sort of stages of a career. So hard it is, you know, recipes, you know, to the legend. Harder does pass and sort of make you feel

Money Badoo  15:42  
down, it's hard to speak about even now, because, and Millfield never gets to the point where you feel like, okay, cause it's really real, still feels so unreal, it still feels like it didn't really happen, you know, but it did. And, man, I don't even I don't even articulate the way I still feel you Nevermind the way he made me the way I currently feel. I think we all do feel that way. You know, Ricky was someone that I looked up to and said, That's what I want, want to be created that can be relevant for over a decade, and be able to be self such a big part of the subculture, and still be someone that so humble, and had this leg. Like, you know, like when you start in the game, like, there's this energy about you. And I think we get that like, forever, you know, it's literally for everything. It wasn't even like starting cotton fest, and so many things that he's done has just been so iconic. And as an artist, you look at them, like, wow, that's what I want to be, and then be able to also still balance family life. And so do you understand that putting made you made me, it made me realize that there are way more important things to life than just the material things that I want? And that. Yeah, I constantly feel like, as an artist, and somebody that considers themselves even a brand, you constantly, like you have to perform, have to perform for the world perform for people perform for like not just like getting on stage and singing songs, but literally performing as a human being, you know, have to be money bear do when you see me anywhere out, you know, even if I'm not feeling up to it that day, even if I'm having the worst day ever, you know, and it's not easy at all. And so, yeah, just realized that there are definitely way more important things. And that this experience is yours, you know, your own, like we made in the club randomly, and was like, Damn the impact. Like the first thing he said to me, like, like, your impact level. And I was like, Yes, sir. Why did you see me? And it wasn't then and I said, like, Yo, I got the song. And I'd like definitely pushing back my last year that I worked with, I was pushing to perform. Every single time I could any digital was like DJing in a club and I play my song, let me jump up while I'm working out like everybody in the club. Like your, every week, I wish I performed while I was working every single night if I could, like just all my friends. So, um, and he saw that, you know, he saw, like, my passion and wanting for so badly. And yeah, okay, that'd be 20 to perform a cotton fest 2020. That was insane. So, yeah, man, it's crazy. You know, and I'm not the only one with the story, like, ask anyone with all of us have the stories. He was the father of our culture.

Nasiphi Zwane  18:46  
Yeah, he definitely was the father of our culture. And it's really incredible hearing about how, you know, he impacted, you know, the impact that he had on your career report that we almost at the end, but a pot that we can't rush past is the one where you have to keep up appearances, you know, even when you don't want to, I can only imagine that it must be mentally draining. So how do you sort of deal with that and sort of make sure that you don't get pushed over the edge?

Money Badoo  19:11  
Well, a nice example I like to use, like, you don't always have to be like, Spider Man. And some days you're Peter Parker. And so the fact that I get to just be me when I come home and separate myself from that money, but I do because I'm I'm money like no matter what, but part of being money is also realizing that like, I don't have to be money bad to on 100 and that I am just so loving and experience outside of anything that I do for work. And so I give myself opportunities to be Peter Parker. And I know when I'm ready to go out and and I have to be Spider Man or the Spider Man on 1000. So I think separating myself from my brand and from my career and realizing that I am still a human being outside of everything that I want to do, has made it much Yeah,

Nasiphi Zwane  20:00  
you know, this reminds me of something that was said by another guest artist by the name of Yasna, a really incredible female musician from Durban, who said that one of the ways that she deals with it is basically, through not having friends within the industry, purely because they also have, you know, their own demons that they're facing. And it sort of ends up being very toxic at the end of the day. So what is your experience been? Like? You know, when it comes to, you know, friends within the industry, it has been good. Has it been negative in any way,

Money Badoo  20:34  
man, Vince, when I saw all my friends, I mean, that literally, if it wasn't for my friends that are in the industry, there's so many things I wouldn't have happened. So many, so many moments that my name was mentioned, and protected. And doors open. Even, you know, I don't know, when I'm the complete opposite. I've made so many amazing friends that like have become my family. And like, if you don't connect on that level, sometimes it's almost like, like, the odd literally shows, you know, like, we mean, Ricki Parliament, which is connected as Bros and like, the person who made us for this every case. And now we have a single out music video sauce in our basement for life. That's how I started music. Like literally with my best friend, you know what I mean? Like, I came to the industry with some that was time outside. And like, with the help of people that that saw me, like, my friends, like bringing me into the studio, and people that actually saw me just for me, you know, and even like, what not Benjamin was, like, we first just saw, like, cool, cool, let's link music, then we became friends over time. And now we like have a little legacy that we're gonna leave, like, you know, as a producer and an artist. So I think that I'm literally quite the opposite. I also think he's the type of person that I am. And I'm not saying that everyone's going to be your best man in the industry, that some people won't like you. Some people just be acquainted. So some people will just be people you just solely work with. And it's just business, and they will be amazing people that you do connect with, even if it wasn't because of work, but because of just who they are, who you are. And so I've been so fortunate to actually be able to, like, have those beautiful, insane relationships with people who play a big part in my career and and in my journey, you know, and I think like, you're I mean, I'm fortunate, it's not just anybody, you know, because the industry doesn't, to me, personally, I know this all bad, but like, it's a live thing. There's gonna be bad people that are bad people that are bad things that happened to us that even make us bad people. And sometimes we are pulling in other people's stories. And sometimes you're the angel, you know what I mean? Like, like, can be perceived in so many ways. And so personally, it's like, I can't keep thinking, or the industry just pulled demons and bad people. And it's like, outside of that is amazing people, there are also people that are just normal human beings. And it's just the way it looks like on the outside, because it's so cutthroat, you know, but the reality of it is that keep to yourself, and let the people that actually meant to be part of you just come back.

Nasiphi Zwane  22:59  
What I mean, you obviously must be able to tolerate I mean, the snakes from, you know, the genuine people I'd imagine, you know, the bigger your name grows, the more you find that there are people that would bring themselves closer to you. On some Yo, you know moneybags, who is doing really well, you know, maybe this, you know, something we can benefit, you know, from her, how do you sort of tell the snakes apart from you know, the genuine friends,

Money Badoo  23:22  
like, I think that like I just applied, like, if I can't, if I don't see your vibe in, like, my day to day life, I don't pursue I want to pursue anything with you. Even in like, my work life, you know, what I mean? In life have always there will be people that are bad for you. And then there will be like you said, the snakes and stuff, but you're gonna have to learn, you know, I don't know, I give people chances. And if I do feel the vibe is off, just, you know, I follow my intuition. I know won't pursue anything with that, you know, because, like, if you're better than me, as a friend, you might well you'll probably be better for me in my work environment, you know, but I'm also really open to being like that, and I'm not gonna smell at the snakes and I'm just gonna, like, love my life for me. And what like, an open mind and an open heart. And if you do, prove me wrong, then okay, I've learned that lesson, and I can let you go and I can move on. But my cup is always half full and overflowing, not just like half full but like overflowing. I know, it sounds very like running through daisies, but like, trust me, I do have a pitchfork on and who knows how much time any of us have and I'm not gonna waste it on thinking anybody's a snake or whatever, you know, if you do me wrong, I learn from it and I can move on and what what's next? There's also so many people who do love you, you know, and I can I can never like to say, Oh, wow, so many bad people that I'm so fortunate to say that I'm surrounded by the most amazing, beautiful females, your amount of females in the game that like Back Me is insane. And also even the guys like a lot of bad things has happened as far to me. But I've learned that it comes with life. It doesn't matter. industry thing even you know so you roll with the punches and focus on the good you know

Nasiphi Zwane  25:06  
very very well said they are Kronos repair myself and obviously looking towards the future now 2022 You already had, you know cotton fest happen, man obviously pistol pop, you know is what you've also released a very massive single so let me know what you sort of have planned for the rest of the year

Money Badoo  25:25  
I'm dropping my debut fries yes shout

Nasiphi Zwane  25:27  
out massive, massive

Money Badoo  25:30  
it's been two years in the making, but obviously because of the pandemic and just wanted to take my time and I feel like it's definitely a time capsule like you said of me and the version that I am and the woman that I've added i i was even in the making and that I'm becoming and so it was really important to for it to be exactly what I wanted it to be and no cutting corners and settling. Just rocking have anything out there. I really wanted it to be to be a full blown piece of art. So yeah, I'm really excited. It's called something that you read will be announced soon. But yeah, I don't want to say it because I'm so excited. I'm literally just about to announce the name. And I think it's very much just about Yeah, my journey into the feminine divine. And Kevin's it's just only my power.

Nasiphi Zwane  26:20  
Give me a date. Give me a date, at least when you're dropping it. Me. Me that's actually around the corner and I'm actually super excited considering you all my favorite female artists in South Africa. I'm not even going to hide that ever since I heard all my friends I was like man, you know money bad who shouldn't even be in South Africa. She belongs overseas she's just you know, this just to sound I feel like she she's underrated in South Africa. But that brings me to the question you know which other female artists director not doing it for you? Or your favorites? You can name drop in South Africa

Money Badoo  26:52  
cake eat dog Indigo Stella? Elaine is crazy. She's like over there in the world ring of Bang Shekinah scaly Woods saucy. Dan, there's so many databases right now. You know what you dropped in? Well, last year, there was crazy Joe dawg. There's just so many like we slipping the net load kids. What? Not a female level in SA in the game right now is insane. But thank you so much. Thank you for saying that you're single. I can't like deny the fact that like I'm just part of of the shift happening in the game right now. And I'm being so inspired by so many amazing other artists who are doing great things, you know, de koala, you know, so I'm just part of that stuff happening right now. I feel like the narrative of like, you're the best and the only one is like now that we are out here. There's many of us like we all the best we're all in our own lanes and all literally putting the work into to bring across amazing music amazing songwriting skills, and, and and aesthetics that are just like beyond this country but but are so part of this country also because like, essays are amazing, you know? It's it's so diverse and we're so there's so much growing to do even you know and like, because of all the things that we faced and that's happened to us I feel like we could get to like see, like how like our diversity makes us so amazing. And that we are a great country

Nasiphi Zwane  28:25  
that is great. Now in the spirit of closing out to any young woman aspiring to be in the position that you're in a position of greatness. What sort of advice would you give them

Money Badoo  28:34  
I want to be like Kim Kardashian be like work hard. I think stay true to yourself. And push as hard as you can to make your vision come to life. And take no nose no doesn't exist. Please never ever and yeah, let nothing stand in your way of of the vision. And you got this and you gotta believe in yourself. Invest in yourself. And yeah, and also have fun. Don't forget it's all about the journey is the best part. You know, when you get to the destination like ah Can I go back to doing all the fun things that I used to do? So enjoy and yeah, love yourself from the inside out. And everything else will fall into place. As long as you just are really eager to put yourself forward and into spaces in places that fulfill you

Nasiphi Zwane  29:29  
a there is some very sound advice thank you for that money bad do please do drop us your handles where people can get in touch with you online and on social media

Money Badoo  29:38  
find me at at money bad to world Please say the bad on IG Facebook, Twitter, Apple Music, YouTube Spotify by it anywhere just gone to infinite and bypassed the files that's out there.

Nasiphi Zwane  29:57  
That is solid. Thank you so much for for joining me money bye I do it's been a really awesome experience and please thank Peter for me as well for you know communicating and you know allowing me to sort of have you on the show it's been a really awesome experience and to you who is listening to this episode thank you for tuning in. You can find everything on sludge underground at WWW dot sludge underground.com And as for myself it's ads 1031 on every single piece of social media if you enjoyed the episode be sure to leave a review on Apple podcasts and obviously a rating on Spotify we're about to close out with pistol popper money bad do that's bye for now

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