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Jan. 12, 2022

Hello 2022

Hello 2022
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New year, same Sludge.

Episode 226: We’re back for the second half of our media discussion with Itheku Connect & Unfiltered with Oscar Msomi. If we’re sounding stretched, it’s because we are still in yesteryear but today, we speak to 2022. 

Meagan continues her chat with the fam - Nasiphi, Marcel, Zama & Oscar.

After learning about their approach to creation & curation, we get a deeper sense of their values & philosophies as storytellers & archivists.

This episode is part two of two, here’s part one:

Zama Khumalo // Itheku Connect

Oscar Msomi // Unfiltered with Oscar Msomi

Marcel Smuts

Nasiphi Zwane 

Featured Track: Lemon Dove - “Vaabz”


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