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Sept. 14, 2020

Ella Audrey Rae [Virginia, USA]

Ella Audrey Rae [Virginia, USA]
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Episode 151: Meagan & Nasiphi are having a chat with the CEO of Reignland Creatives/Reignland Mag, Ella Audrey Rae, who's joining them all the way from Virginia in the US. Ella lets them in on what it takes to run a music publication/mag, the criteria when it comes to artist submissions, good & bad experiences working with artists & in true Sludge form, a lot of off-topic shenanigans like gaming, South African/American culture comparisons & tons more! There's literally something for everyone on this 2 hour special

Ella Audrey Rae
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ellaaudreyrae
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ellaaudreyrae
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ellaaudreyrae

Reignland Mag
Instagram: www.instagram.com/reignlandmag
Facebook: www.facebook.com/reignlandmag
Twitter: www.twitter.com/reignlandmag

Meagan King
Instagram: www.instagram.com/meagreking

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