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Jan. 25, 2023


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Episode 278: Artist, producer, researcher & theatre major Ameerah Moola aka a$cid is on the show to chat about her music and her experiences being a musician while coming from a Muslim background. We also touch on her interest in the occult, her tarot readings & more

Ameerah Moola

Sludge Underground

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Ameerah Moola


Ameerah Moola

Ameerah is an inter-disciplinary artist, specializing in story-telling in all mediums. While studying theatre at the Wits School of Art, a Writing, Directing and Design major, she developed a practice that explores making both on stage and offstage as a means of Fine Art. Drawing from the cultural practices of what is often deemed ‘the other’, she is influenced deeply by religious myths and folklore. Paying homage to a coloured, muslim upbringing, her work themes the taboo, addresses evils and aims to decolonize both her mind and body. In order to transmute the feelings of pain, sadness and grief in making, beliefs and studies in alchemy are processed through each medium.

A theatre-maker, player. Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, she create in the role of the artist as Shaman. Allowing making intuitively, and as a means of communication with a higher source and higher self.

Her producer tag, ‘Acid’ refers to the mind-altering substance also known as LSD. The sound that she produces wishes to put the listener in an other-bodily state, wherein they travel and explore their own psyche by means of healing tones and frequencies.