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Dec. 30, 2019

100th Episode

100th Episode
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Marcel & Nasiphi go through the podcast's analytics since the podcast's inception in 2016. They go through the best episodes & give shout outs to top listeners over the years. Celebrate some of the podcast's best moments as they take a walk down memory lane in this impromptu/spur of the moment episode, typical of how Sludge has been doing things since 2016!Sludge UndergroundInstagram: www.instagram.com/sludgeundergroundTwitter: www.twitter.com/sludge031Facebook: www.facebook.com/sludgeundergroundPoison City BrewingInstagram: www.instagram.com/poisoncitybrewTwitter: www.twitter.com/poisoncitybrewFacebook: www.facebook.com/durbanpoisonbeer

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